Stepping Stone Therapy Center provides pediatric therapy services to bilingual children and adolescents.
Our area of expertise focuses on developmental disorders (ASD, syndromes etc.) and specifically on language disorders, speech sound disorders, sensory processing disorder and learning disabilities.  Services are provided by certified, highly trained and specialized therapists who are either bilingual or fluent in the English Language and include the following:
  • early intervention (for preschoolers who present motor, language, communication and social difficulties)
  • language and speech therapy (provided to those with language and/or speech disorders)
  • occupational therapy (Sensory Integration approach)
  • educational intervention (for children in primary school with learning difficulties)

In accordance with our holistic approach, alternative therapies are incorporated in every child's program upon parental request.  These include Play Therapy, Yoga, Music Therapy and Art Therapy.  At Stepping Stone each child is unique and is provided with an individual therapy plan. We work closely with the families in order to provide the best possible services to those with specific needs.  At Stepping Stone we are committed to quality care.